Lightning Reviews: Nonfiction & a Thriller

Welcome back to Lightning Reviews! This is we feature three mini reviews for books we’ve read, but don’t warrant writing a thousand words. This week, we have two very different nonfiction titles: a memoir and a self-help style book. We also have a thriller! Happier at Home author: Gretchen Rubin As much as I enjoyed Better […]

Ralph Gibson’s Stream of Consciousness

Ralph Gibson It happened in 1968. Ralph Gibson, a young photographer who had recently moved to New York from California, was walking down 6th Avenue when he saw a beauty salon engulfed in flames. That image, of flames devouring the awning and storefront—which, ironically, also had a sign boasting a “licensed electrician”—below a halo of […]

Javier Marías y Luis Bagué Quílez, galardonados con los premios de la Crítica

Javier Marías – JOSÉ RAMÓN LADRA Las distinciones las concede la Asociación Española de Críticos Literarios desde 1956 y se otorgan a los mejores libros de narrativa y poesía publicados en España el año anterior EFE@abc_cultura Actualizado:21/04/2018 16:27h El novelista Javier Marías y el poeta catalán Luis Bagué Quílez han sido galardonados hoy con los […]

Amelie Nothomb: «Los idiotas absolutos pocas veces callan»

Amelie Nothomb, ayer en Barcelona – PEP DALMAU La escritora belga reinventa de nuevo a Perrault con «Riquete el del Copete» David Morán@DmoranbSeguir BARCELONAActualizado:21/04/2018 13:44h Del mismo modo que cada mañana se encaja el sombrero de copa para disfrazarse de sí misma y, asegura, dominar un físico «tan inocuo» como el suyo, Amelie Nothomb (Kobe, […]

Podcast 295! Ahoy! Your transcript has arrived!

The transcript for Podcast 272. Building and Maintaining a Reading Habit has been posted! This podcast transcript was handcrafted with meticulous skill by Garlic Knitter. Many thanks. Click here to subscribe to The Podcast → The post Podcast 295! Ahoy! Your transcript has arrived! appeared first on Guaripete. from Books Trending News – Guaripete […]

The FBI’s ‘Vulgar Betrayal’ of Muslim Americans

Watched Film LLC A still showing Assia Boundaoui sharing FBI documents with her family, from Boundaoui’s The Feeling of Being Watched, 2018 In 2001, when Assia Boundaoui was sixteen years old, she woke up in the middle of the night, roused by lights shining outside her bedroom window. She looked out to find two men […]

Counting the Butterflies

Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time by Vladimir Nabokov compiled, edited, and with commentaries by Gennady Barabtarlo Princeton University Press, 202 pp., $24.95 Philipe Halsman/Magnum Photos Véra and Vladimir Nabokov, Montreux, Switzerland, 1966 Language has many forms of quiet kindness, refusals of stark alternatives. “Never” can mean “not always,” and “impossible” may mean “not now.” Insomnia […]

Trump’s Inquisitor

Jeff Sessions; drawing by Siegfried Woldhek In February, President Donald Trump took to Twitter once again to attack his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. He decried as “DISGRACEFUL” Sessions’s referral to the Justice Department’s inspector general of a Republican accusation that department lawyers had acted improperly in seeking a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant in […]

Staff Picks: Kendrick, Cardi Covers, and Cautionary Tales

Photo: Elise Swain, The Intercept. I thought radio plays went the way of rabbit-ear antennae, but this week I listened to an audio drama of Evening at the Talk House, adapted from Wallace Shawn’s 2015 stage play. The Intercept is presenting it as part of their podcast, in three thirty-some-minute episodes. The play opens as a […]

Leaves of Grass: Writing Under the Influence

To celebrate today’s holiday, we bring you an excerpt from our latest Paris Review Editions book, The Writer’s Chapbook: A Compendium of Fact, Opinion, Wit, and Advice from “The Paris Review” Interviews. These quotes are pulled from the chapter “Do You Write Under the Influence?” Enjoy. —Jeffery Gleaves “I’ve found that there’s only one thing that […]

Keeping Tabs on the ’Loids

This week, as the media explored the unholy alliance between politics and sensationalist right-wing journalism, I took it on as my civic responsibility to consume bottom-of-the-barrel tabloids. On Wednesday, the former Playboy model Karen McDougal settled her lawsuit against American Media Inc. (AMI), the parent company of an array of tawdry tabloids. To recap for […]

Oh!libro, descubre libros afines a ti a través de su portada

Haz una foto para saber si debe ser tu próxima lectura. Su base de datos cuenta con más de 250000 libros. Con la enorme oferta de libros existentes no resulta fácil elegir. ¿Las últimas novedades del mercado? ¿Quizás seguir la sugerencia de un blog como este? ¿El boca a boca entre aficionados a la literatura? […]

Una carta manuscrita de Rubén Darío y otra de Sandino, el legado de Ramírez a la Caja de las Letras

Sergio Ramírez deposita su legado en la Caja de las Letras – EFE Acompañado por su mujer, sus tres hijos y sus ocho nietos, ha cumplido así con la tradición que siguen desde 2007 todos los autores distinguidos con el principal galardón de las letras españolas EFE@abc_cultura Actualizado:20/04/2018 16:01h Noticias relacionadas Dos cartas manuscritas, una […]

Del nacimiento a la muerte de un genio: el origen español del Día del Libro

Miguel de Cervantes Pocas personas conocen el el hecho de que en sus inicios esta fecha se celebraba el 7 de octubre y no el 23 de abril ABC@abc_cultura Actualizado:20/04/2018 12:28h Noticias relacionadas Los distintos sectores del ámbito del libro se preparan estos días para la celebración de una de las efemérides más importantes del […]

295. Inclusive History, Magical Writing, and Fan Art: An Interview with KJ Charles

This week I am chatting with editor and author KJ Charles about lots and lots of different things. She started out as a Mills & Boon editor and then moved to writing, so she has a lot of perspective on the writing and edition process. We discuss plot, character, use of language, editing, and writing […]

Books by Tessa Bailey, Sabrina Darby, & More!

The Vixen and the Vet READER RECOMMENDED: The Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery is $2.99 at Amazon! Several books in Regnery’s Modern Fairytale series are on sale! This contemporary romance was previously nominated for a RITA® in the Long Contemporary category and is a Beauty & the Beast retelling. During the RITA® Reader Challenge, Reader Erica gave the book a […]