HaBO: Heroine & Daughter Live Above a Shop

This HaBO comes from Sabrina, who is trying to help a fellow book club member track down a book. Trigger warning for rape: My name’s Sabrina and I’m a member of an awesome book club on Facebook called the Old School Romance Book Club, started by Sarah MacLean. On Christmas Day, a member called Jean posted […]

Robert Silvers, 1929–2017

Silvers, left, with Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, The Paris Review’s first publisher (center) and George Plimpton (right).   We’re sad to learn that Robert Silvers has died after a brief illness, at the age of eighty-seven. It is hard—both painful and disorienting—to imagine the world without him. The New York Review of Books, which he […]

An Awesome Tee, Plus Contemporary Romances!

TeeFury has a Doctor Who-themed bookish t-shirt on sale today! It’s $10 off, dropping the price to $12. Rookie Move Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen is $1.99 at most vendors and $2.99 at Barnes & Noble! This is book one in the Brooklyn Bruisers series about a hockey team. The second book, which Elyse loved, is discounted […]

Audiobook Review: Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

A- Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel April 26, 2016 · Del Rey AudiobookScience Fiction/Fantasy Everyone, I think…I think I’m an audiobook convert. Last summer, Elyse wrote a Lightning Review of Sleeping Giants, a scifi novel with a scientist heroine, an interesting cast of characters, and epistolary elements. Definitely check out her review! Just as Elyse […]

Giveaway: The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life by Sharon Pywell

A | BN | K | iB Giveaway time! We have twenty-five (25) ARCs to giveaway of The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life by Sharon Pywell. This is an upcoming release coming out on April 4, 2017 and we also have a cocktail in the works for your drinking and reading pleasure. Here’s the description of the […]

Lots of Kindle Deals, Plus Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, & More!

Amazon has four pages of Kindle Daily Deals today, all of which are New York Times bestselling books. There’s The Book of Joy, which was mention on a previous podcast, Hamilton: The Revolution that Redheadedgirl reviewed, plus plenty of nonfiction, mysteries, and more. If you browse through the entire collection, comment below with which books you’d recommend! His […]

A Well-Ventilated Utopia

In a recent exhibition and accompanying catalog, the Berlinische Galerie has brought some of Paul Scheerbart’s most indelible images together with the graphic work of two artists he inspired: the modernist architect Bruno Taut (who built a pineapple-shaped glass dome building in Cologne in Scheerbart’s honor) and the little-known outsider artist Paul Goesch (killed by […]

Beauty and the Beast: Classic Tales About Animal Brides and Grooms from Around the World, edited by Maria Tatar

A Beauty and the Beast by Maria Tatar March 7, 2017 · Penguin Classics Classic So there’s a little movie coming out this month. You probably haven’t heard about it because the publicity has been REALLY low-key. The live action Beauty and the Beast? Ring a bell? No? It’s okay – we’ll be covering it, […]

Trump: The Scramble

Weekly, daily, indeed sometimes hourly, we have trouble believing what we see coming out of the Trump White House. It can be difficult to turn our gaze from the stupefying parade of announcements and events and tweets and leaks—and leaks, and leaks—that show us a White House at once wholly undisciplined while trying to impose […]

Kindle Daily Deal: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl RECOMMENDED: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is $2.99! I believe this is a Kindle Daily Deal that’s being price matched elsewhere. Sarah reviewed this book and gave it an A-: The TL;DR: this book is wonderful. It’s so much empathy and understanding and emotion layered into narrative form I can’t even tell you. A coming-of-age tale […]

Live Scream Today at 1:30 pm!

It’s time for another YouTube Live Broadcast, which I’ve been calling a “Live Scream,” though I don’t actually scream. At 1:30pm ET, I’ll be live from my desk chair, very likely accompanied by cats and possibly one or both dogs! On the agenda: I’m going to read Diary of a Wombat, possibly in my semi-passable Australian […]

Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

A Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon 1862 Classic I’m going to pay Lady Audley’s Secret the highest compliment I can pay a sensation novel: I kept finding great passages to bookmark but I didn’t bookmark them because I didn’t want to stop reading long enough to do so. That made for a great […]

Staff Picks: Codes, Contracts, Coffee Stains

From Terms and Conditions   In his new book, the pop-conceptual curiosity Terms and Conditions, R. Sikoryak reproduces the styles of more than a hundred other cartoonists—including Marjane Satrapi, Steve Ditko, Raina Telgemeier, Edward Gorey, and Peyo—one per page, to adapt the text of iTunes’ Terms and Conditions, “the contract everyone agrees to but no one reads.” […]

Xi Jinping: The Illusion of Greatness

Xi Jinping came to power offering a similarly broad range of reforms and pledging to “rejuvenate” China. But his measures have been limited to the classic nationalist-authoritarian-traditionalist playbook. After five years of Xi, his main accomplishments seem to have been to consolidate his power while satisfying people’s desire for social change through crackdowns and promoting […]

A Comma for the Working Man, and Other News

  This world is full of pointless suffering and unending torment … but at least we’ve got the serial comma. Grammarians are fond of saying things like “the comma improves our way of life” and “proper punctuation is money in the bank”; normally they’re full of shit, but today they’re onto something. As Elena Cresci […]