Los códigos secretos de Edgar Allan Poe que crearon la criptografía

Su cuento El escarabajo de oro todavía esconde secretos. Poe era un auténtico fanático de los mensajes ocultos. En 1839, Edgar Allan Poe hizo un llamamiento al público. Quería que le mandaran mensajes cifrados desde todas partes de los Estados Unidos, afirmando que era capaz de descifrarlos todos sin problemas. En una época en la […]

La «Tintinmanía» llega a las casas de subastas

Los dibujos originales de la saga del reportero trotamundos creado por Hergé ostentan la mayoría de récords en las subastas de cómics ABC.es@abc_cultura 20/11/2017 11:26hActualizado:20/11/2017 11:48h Noticias relacionadas Las subastas de cómic originales se multiplican estos últimos años con un éxito creciente y con Tintín como estrella indiscutible. La más reciente tuvo lugar el sábado […]

El maravilloso desafío de Henry James

Henry James, retratado por John Singer Sargent – ABC El prolífico escritor estadounidense vuelve a escena con la publicación del primer volumen de sus «Cuentos completos» en español Alejandro Díaz-Agero@adiazageroSeguir Madrid20/11/2017 00:42hActualizado:20/11/2017 00:42h Leer a Henry James (Nueva York, 1843-Londres, 1916) es una tarea que puede dejar al ávido lector sin aire. Principalmente por la […]

Keeper Shelf: Inda by Sherwood Smith

Squee from the Keeper Shelf is a feature wherein we share why we love the books we love, specifically the stories which are permanent residents of our Keeper shelves. Despite flaws, despite changes in age and perspective, despite the passage of time, we love particular books beyond reason, and the only thing better than re-reading […]

Historical Romances, an Emotional Contemporary, & More

The Other Daughter RECOMMENDED: The Other Daughter by Lauren Willig is $1.99! This is historical fiction with romantic elements and Redheadedgirl gave it an A: I like Willig’s writing a lot. It’s not complex; it’s kind of like the hot chocolate of prose. It’s smooth, and it’s classic. That may sound kind of like damning with faint praise, […]

Playing for Ralph Ellison’s Little Man at Chehaw Station

Ralph Ellison For the agnostics and atheists among us, there is no divine force dictating our paths. We are only that which we decide, individually and collectively, and can achieve with our own intellect. The human body has natural limitations. And coincidence is merely coincidence. But every so often, I’m confronted with seemingly unconnected factoids […]

«Un cuento de Navidad» en la era de la austeridad

El autor británico Michael Rosen reescribe en el clásico de Dickens ambientado en la crueldad de las desigualdades de la sociedad actual ABC.es@abc_cultura 19/11/2017 01:24hActualizado:19/11/2017 01:24h Más de siglo y medio después de que Charles Dickens convirtiera la crueldad que conlleva la pobreza en la quintaesencia de su historia navideña, Michael Rosen ha reimaginado «Un […]

Romance Wanderlust: Living at the Library

This month’s Romance Wanderlust is all about potential. The apartments in the New York City Public Library’s branches aren’t romantic NOW. But just think what some spackling and mold-killer could do. These are fixer-uppers for the win. As ever, this column reflects a lot of Googling and no hands on research, so it’s neither a […]

Lewd and Ludic: the Stampography of Vincent Sardon

“Change my dear, and it seems not a moment too soon…” That’s a quote from the 6th Doctor in British Sci-Fi series Doctor Who, and it sounds a rather fitting for the transition Ubuntu is  moving through. ‘Ubuntu had to make some kind of change to keep pace with wider technology trends’ <p>Like everyone else, I was shocked when Canonical decided to <a href="http://ift.tt/2zUUx54; […]

Poldark 3.07

“How is it suddenly 5 a.m.?!” <p class="wpematico_credit"><small>Powered by <a href="http://ift.tt/2mkPqnk; target="_blank">WPeMatico</a></small></p> ” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” class=”alignright wp-image-65422″ src=”http://ift.tt/2zTfKfE&#8221; alt=”Poldark Season 3 poster” width=”246″ height=”348″/>Previously: Ross is an idiot, Whitworth is disgusting, and Aggie died. D and Ross visit Aggie’s grave, which is marked by a simple wooden cross. D is aghast and disgusted that Aggie […]

Puerto Rico’s DIY Disaster Relief

Molly Crabapple, 2017 A woman relaxes in the Centro de Apoyo Mutuo in Caguas, which feeds hundreds of people every day. The black and white Puerto Rican flag behind her symbolizes opposition to US-government imposed austerity. In the first decade of the twentieth century, Luisa Capetillo walked through the mountains of Puerto Rico’s Cordillera Central. […]

The Wholesome Yet Filthy Comedy of Katya and Trixie

Katya Zamolodchikova and Trixie Mattel. Because we haven’t figured out how to actually solve the various things happening in our country, for now we’re relying pretty heavily on humor. Contemporary political humor has many forms, but it’s the takedowns that get far and way the most attention. This has created an odd climate in which […]

Contributor Picks: Doomed Bohemians and Death Masks

In place of our staff picks this week, we’ve asked six contributors from our Fall issue to write about what they’re reading, watching, listening to, and enjoying.  Still from Personal Shopper. In his films, Olivier Assayas often makes use of reflective surfaces: glass walls, windows, mirrors, screens, Hollywood stars. His distinctive recipe seems to be mixing them with […]

Narcissism and Pleasure: An Interview with Yvonne Rainer

Yvonne Rainer, still from Privilege, 1990, 16mm, 103 minutes. © Yvonne Rainer. Courtesy of Video Data Bank, http://www.vdb.org, School of Chicago. The following is excerpted from Interviews on Art, a collection of more than sixty interviews by Robert Storr with contemporary artists. Yvonne Rainer is a dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker who has been recognized as one of the leading […]

Los 10 libros más vendidos en Amazon en toda su historia

Alfredo Álamo el 17 de noviembre de 2017 en Noticias El gigante de Internet nunca había dado estos datos. Su lector, Kindle, cumple 10 años. Amazon no es una empresa muy amiga de divulgar las ventas acumuladas de sus productos. Suele buscar más el destacar lo que está de moda en el momento, dejando a […]

Sergio Ramírez: «Hay novela negra de policías honrados y jueces rectos. En Latinoamérica es lo contrario»

El escritor nicaragüense Sergio Ramírez en la «cápsula espacial» de su residencia en Managua (Nicaragua) – REUTERS El escritor nicaragüense ha sido galardonado con el premio Cervantes 2017, un reconocimiento que recibe «feliz» y que lo sitúa en la misma lista que Borges, Bioy Casares, Carlos Fuentes, Onetti o Carpentier Bruno Pardo Porto@brunopardooSeguir 17/11/2017 00:41hActualizado:17/11/2017 […]