Romance Podcasts: A Romance-Focused Podcast Roundup

Ready for a round up of all the podcasts that focus on romance fiction, so you can fill your ears with discussion and goodness?

Since my last podcast episode roundup in January when I mentioned the Wicked Wallflowers and Heaving Bosoms podcasts, I’ve found a few more. It seemed like a good idea to put all the romance podcasts that I can find in once place.

And – special fun bonus! – if you want to find this resource again, just go to, and you’ll find this entry. I’ll keep it as up-to-date as I can, and all you need to do is remember

Let’s do this!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books

Smart Podcast Trashy Books - writing in blue with a blue pair of headphones and a heart in the middle First: I have a podcast. I know you know this, but I would feel quite dumb if I didn’t mention it.

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books has been going for a long, long time (Almost Ten Years WHAT THE EFF). We are almost at episode 300 (WAT?!) and I’m deeply proud of it. If you’ve never listened and aren’t sure where to start, I’ve updated our Podcast Page with some of our most popular episodes.

You can subscribe via our feed, via iTunes, and via Stitcher, or however else you get your podcasts.

All the Kissing Podcast

The All the Kissing podcast is hosted by Alexa Martin and Shannon Caldwell and focuses on the writing of romance fiction. If you’re a reader who loves to learn about the craft and process of writing, or if you’re an aspiring writer of romance, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in this one.

Past episodes have covered querying, research, and setting writing goals.

You can find them on their website, via iTunes, and via Stitcher.

Book Thingo Podcast

Book Thingo Podcast words in grey font with book spines in different colors spelling out thingo Book Thingo is a romance blog from Australia run by Kat Mayo – it’s delightful. The Book Thingo Podcast features book discussion and interviews (I’m in an early episode duo with editor Kate Cuthbert) with Kat and Rudi Bremer, who also does audio production.

The description pretty much sums up everything you need to know: “lively discussions between readers, academics, and bestselling authors about romance books, culture, and Tim Tams.” Come for the romance, stay for the Tim Tam coverage, right?

You can find the Book Thingo Podcast on their website, via iTunes, and via Stitcher.

Heaving Bosoms

Heaving Bosoms Podcast

You know I love the name of this podcast, and I also adore their logo. It makes me smile every time I see it.  Heaving Bosoms is hosted by authors Erin McCarthy and Melody Carlisle.

In each episode, they do a deep breakdown of a particular romance novel. As they say in their description, they take themselves VERY seriously. (Not.)

They’ve taken a look at When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare, Christmastime Cowboy by Maisey Yates,  Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean, and more.

You can find Heaving Bosoms on their website, on Stitcher, and on iTunes.

Not Now, I’m Reading

Not Now, I’m Reading is (a) a fantastic name for a podcast and (b) exactly what it says: a podcast about reading and fandom hosted by friends Kay and Chelsea.

Each episode reaches beyond romance fiction, but each and every one does include some discussion of romance fiction.

You can find Not Now I’m Reading on their website and on iTunes.

#Romanceclass Podcast

RomanceClass is the brainchild of Mina V. Esguerra, and is all about Filipino romance authors. The podcast is recorded performances of scenes and chapters from different romance novels by Filipino authors. No, that won’t be addictive at all, no way. Each recording is in English, and there is also a YouTube channel. I interviewed Mina V. Esguerra for my show, if you’d like to learn more about the amazing coolness of #romanceclass.

You can find #romanceclass on their website, and on iTunes.

Romance Podden

Romance Podden in pink script on a pink marble backgroundRomance Podden is mostly in Swedish, but there are a few episodes in English, including one wherein I’m interviewed (and speak Swedish terribly, ouch). Hosts Amanda, Julia, Elin, and Melody discuss all sorts of romance-related topics, and also interview folks like Courtney Milan, RedHeadedGirl, Julia Quinn, Alyssa Cole, and more – in English. So grab those if your Swedish, like mine, is terrible (again, I’m sorry Julia and Melody).

You can find Romance Podden on their website and on iTunes.

Romance Romp

Romance Romp in pink above a illustration of a bookRomance Romp is a podcast from the Frederick (Maryland) News-Post (hi, neighbors!) hosted by Kini Allen from SmexyBooks. It features interviews with authors, bloggers, and offers “fun peek in to Romancelandia, ie all things romance- books, readers, authors and bloggers.” Recent episodes include conversations with Michelle Mills and Dani Collins.

You can find Romance Romp on their website, and on iTunes. Thanks to Kat Mayo from Book Thingo for the recommendation!

Scandalicious: Scandal & the Nerd Herd

Scandal and the Nerd Herd in white with the Scandalicious logo and a pair of white headphones Scandal and the Nerd Herd is a Scandalicious Podcast, and is one of the shows that prompted this entry. I hadn’t realized Scandalicious had a podcast, but do they ever! Listed as a “weekly discussion of current events in the romance book world,” they’ve discussed specific books they’ve loved, and done a series of Fuck, Marry, Kill challenges for both heroes and heroines.

You can find the Scandal and the Nerd Herd podcast on their website and on iTunes.

This is Love Podcast

This is Love Podcast

This is Love is a new podcast from the creators of the Criminal podcast, and it’s all about, well, love. While not every episode is about romance fiction, many of them are, as they say, relevant to our interests.

Of particular note: Episode 3 – There’s Always Tomorrow, which features Brenda Jackson. Get tissues ready.

You can find This Is Love on their website, on Stitcher, and on iTunes.

Too Stupid To Live

Too Stupid to Live in black typewriter text on top of an image of two white people, a dude and a blonde lady, kissingToo Stupid to Live is a podcast that focuses on audio reviews of cheap romance novels that cost $5 or less. (BRILLIANT CONCEPT AHOY.) Host Becky Feldman and her guests have covered contemporary, erotic, historical, and fantasy romances so far. Thanks again to Kat Mayo for the tip on this one!

You can find Too Stupid to Live on their website, on Stitcher, and on iTunes.

When In Romance Podcast

When in Romance podcast logo a book posted to look like a bow with a heart arrow aiming at the title in a diagonal teal fontWhen in Romance is a new biweekly podcast from BookRiot hosted by Trisha Brown and Jessica Pryde that focuses on major issues in the genre, including consent and sexuality, while also looking at current events like the RT awards.

You can find When in Romance on their website, on Stitcher, and on iTunes.

Whoa!Mance Podcast

Whoa!Mance romance podcast an illustration of awoman and man embracing old skool romance styleWhoa!Mance is a podcast about “bodice busters, feminism, satin sheets, beefy Scotsman, tender feelings and–most of all–romance novels.” They’ve got episodes that examine classics from Judith Ivory and books from Tessa Dare and Nora Roberts, too.

You can find Whoa!Mance on their website, on Stitcher, and on iTunes.

The Wicked Wallflowers Club

The Wicked Wallflowers ClubThe Wicked Wallflowers Club, with Jenny Nordback and Sarah Hawley, which was recently featured in EW’s Must List — way to go!

They’ve got some terrific interviews, including this one with Alisha Rai, which happened because she was sitting behind them in The Ripped Bodice. Surprise!

You can find them on their website, on iTunes, and on Stitcher.

Women With Books

Women With BOoksWomen With Books is a podcast hosted by Lindsay Emory and features a different author interview with each episode. She’s chatted with Alyssa Cole, Jasmine Guillory, Alexis Daria and more. The show is all about “genre fiction for, by, and about women.”

You can find Women With Books on their website, on iTunes, and on Stitcher.

XOXO After Dark

XOXO After Dark Cast, pink and white lettering on a black background XOXO After Dark is a podcast from Simon & Schuster which focuses on their romance line, and on all things romance. It’s a companion podcast to the XOXO After Dark website. Recent episodes have included an interview with Meredith Duran about faking your own death (!!). I was a guest on episode #6, too.  Thanks to Kat Mayo from Book Thingo for the reminder about this one!

You can find XOXO After Dark on their website, on iTunes, and on Stitcher.

Special Episodes Which Focus on Romance

Sometimes cool podcasts talk about romance, which is even more cool! Here are some episodes that focused on our favorite genre:

NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, All About Romance Novels 

I was a guest on this episode (Yes, my inner 13 year old still can’t believe it) with Linda Holmes, Petra Mayer, and Barrie Hardymon talking all about romance fiction. This episode was so much fun to record.

Library Matters, Episode 24: Romance Books, How Do We Love Thee? 

This is the podcast from my local library, the Montgomery County Public Library, and their February 2018 episode was all about romance recommendations. YAY! Find it on their site, on iTunes, or on Stitcher. (And thanks, y’all, for being truly excellent libraries!)

It’s Unladylike!, Episode 4: On Romance with Tessa Dare

It’s Unladylike is a podcast from Australia about women and writing, hosted by librarian and educator Adele Walsh (whom I have met and who is most awesome) and writer and educator Kelly Gardiner. This episode features Tessa Dare, and was recorded at the RomanticTimes BookLovers Convention in Las Vegas.

It’s Unladylike!, Episode 20: On Kissing with Kylie Scott and Anna Campbell

Thanks to Kat Mayo for the heads up on this one – in Episode 20, Anna Campbell and Kylie Scott talk kissing, “spirited heroines, suspense, banter, intellectual equality, drama, subtext, laughter, sexual tension, feminism, tropes, and happy endings.”

From the Lighthouse, The Power of Love, Or Why We Read Romance

From Kat Mayo: “From the Lighthouse, a podcast by the Department of English at Macquarie University, has done a few romance-related episodes (mainly related to Austen and Heyer).” AWESOME! In this episode, Dr Hsu-Ming Teo joins hosts Dr Stephanie Russo and Dr Michelle Hamadache to talk all things romance fiction.

HuffPost Humans Australia, Romance is Not Dead (CAUTION: AUTOPLAY)

Writer and blogger Kat Mayo and author and academic Jodi McAlister talk all about romance fiction, and the roles it can play in readers’ lives.

Ok, what podcasts am I missing? Please drop any recommendations in the comments if you’ve listened to an excellent romance-focused podcast, or podcast episode! 

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