HaBO: Historical Heroine Gets Rid of Expensive Wallpaper

This HaBO request is from Jess, who is looking for a historical romance that’s definitely part of a series:

I’m looking for a historical I read ages ago – I think it was part of a series, because the hero’s estranged brother (recently happily married) made an appearance.

The hero is a cold and withdrawn wealthy English nobleman, or maybe a bastard son, who inherits a manor house and ends up in a marriage of convenience to a poor girl of good character.

The only thing I really remember is that in her quest to clean up the house, she strips some very expensive Chinese or Japanese wallpaper from the drawing room. I thought it was an Anne Gracie but after reviewing her catalog I don’t think it can be.

Please, mysterious and powerful Bitchery, lend me your wisdom!

Anyone have any historical romance wallpaper memories?

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