HaBO: Shifters Party at Local Bar

This HaBO request comes from Tammy, who wants to find a pretty raucous paranormal series:

My husband and I spent two hours last night trying to find a series that I thought was no my Kindle and had read several years ago. Here are some of the keywords/phrases I can think of (although these books sound even more ridiculous when reduced to keywords 🙂

    • at least two books in the series, one involved brother/cousin? wolves and a human female. The other involved two brothers who were big cats and the female
    • contemporary time frame
    • small town in mountains populated by changers of multiple types (wolves, bears, cats, etc)
      a bar/saloon is central to many of the scenes
    • periodically (full moon, maybe) things get pretty wild in the bar with an all night moon-mad everyone in heat thing (kind of like your average frat party but with less drinking and better looking dudes)
    • magical matings for life that are threesomes
    • there is an evil demonic (?) threat (because quasi-beastiality in threesomes isn’t enough excitement???)
    • I have no idea what color her dress was or wasn’t on the cover or anywhere else

As someone who loves paranormal romances and good menage scene, I feel like I desperately need this series in my life.

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