HaBO: Colonial, Paul Bunyan-esque, Woodsman Hero

This HaBO request comes from Abbey, who is looking for (what sounds like) an American historical romance:

I’ve been hankering to re-read one of the first love stories I read in grade school – I was a child of the 80s! So I read it in the late 80s but it may have been published earlier than that.

It’s a love story set in Colonial times. All I can remember is a strong heroine, possibly a governess, who is thrown into a tumultuous situation involving hiding in the woods with young children and a sexy scout/woodsman/trapper who leads her and the children to safety. The French and Indian Wars may have been part of the setting/ conflict. What I mostly remember is that the heroine is calm and clever at surviving in the woods and that impresses the woodsman type.

The cover had the heroine in a blue (?) dress on the cover, partially hidden by trees, looking at the hero – who had a slightly Paul Bunyan vibe. I read it shortly after I read The Witch of Blackbird Pond, which still gives me all the feels lo these many years later.

Man, I really want to see this cover.

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