Adam & Eve: 50% Off an Item, Plus Popular Recommendations

This post is being sponsored by, and, while we have some amazing toy recommendations, here is the most important information: is offering Smart Bitches readers 50% off a single item plus free standard shipping in the US and Canada with code SMART. Please note: certain exclusions apply, but the coupon covers most of the store.

Welcome to the party, Canada!

Previously, Sarah and I put together a list of personal recommendations. We also invited Reader Jaymzangel to send us some recs as well!

This time, we asked Adam & Eve to recommend some bestselling products from their site.

This post is extremely NSFW! You have been warned!

The Adam & Eve Thruster:  This is a USB rechargeable rabbit vibrator that actually self-thrusts. THE FUTURE IS NOW! The “thrust” has 3 different speeds, while the rabbit stimulation part of the vibrator has 7 different vibrations!

Adam & Eve purple self-thrusting rabbit vibrator

A&E Warming Rabbit G: For some reason, I have a weakness for pink sex toys. Don’t ask me why. Both the shaft and rabbit clitoral stimulator have 5 different functions/speeds. It also takes around three minutes to warm up, reaching a max temperature of 107.6 F.

Adam & Eve Warming Rabbit vibrator in bubblegum pink

Wanachi Mega Massager: When they say “mega,” they aren’t kidding. This massager clocks in at 17” tall with a 4.5” massaging head and it has 10 different vibration patterns. It plugs into an outlet via  7-foot cord, so no need for batteries. Honestly, this is probably one of those personal massagers that I’d actually use on my muscles.

Wanachi Mega Massager in bright pink

Adam & Eve Sensual Touch Wand Massager: Another USB rechargeable toy! This one has 10 different vibration speeds and you can get up to 2 hours of use per charge.

Adam & Eve sensual touch silicone wand in purple

Satisfyer 1: A discreet toy for clitoral stimulation. It takes 2 AAA batteries and offers 11 different variations of sucking and blowing stimulation. I’m highly interested in this little gizmo. Though, as of 6/10, it appears to be backordered until mid-June. It also looks like a kazoo, right?

Satisfyer 1, a clitoral stimulation toy that blows and sucks.

Adam & Eve Clit Sensitizer: As someone who has difficulties achieving orgasm through penetrative sex, I’m all about outside bizness. Adam & Eve boasts over a quarter million of these puppies have been sold and the cream comes in a 0.5 oz jar. It also takes about 10-15 minutes to kick in.

Small jar of Adam & Eve Clit Sensitizer

A&E Complete Lovers Kit: This kit comes with 7 different items, including a small vibration, 3 different sleeves for the vibrator, and more! Most of the items are made from “soft and flexible jelly material” and are “compatible with all types of lubricants and condoms.”

Intro to Prostate Kit: For those interested in prostrate play, Adam & Eve says this is perfect for beginners and those who have clearly done this before. The kit comes with 4 ultra-smooth silicone anal toys, all of which are waterproof. The black color palette is perfect for the kinky goth in your life.

Intro To Prostate Kit - 4 black silicone toys for anal play

Thanks to Adam and Eve for the coupon once again, and for sponsoring this post! 

What do you think about the items recommended? Have any you’d love to suggest?

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