The Rec League: Romantic & Smutty Manga

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookBitchery, this request comes from me (Amanda) and I’m abusing my powers to get some recs! I used to be a huge manga reader, but it goes in waves. A couple years ago, I checked the site where I read a lot of manga, mainly scans and translations. I was shocked – SHOCKED – to discover that the site had been hacked and the owner didn’t have the energy to bring it back.

Which fine, no problems. I’m sure we’ve all been exhausted by a pet project.

But, that meant I could access my “reading list” from the site to write down what I was currently reading to try and read elsewhere. So I’m coming to you!

I’ve read and enjoyed manga like Midnight Secretary and the utterly bonkers 100% Real Girl. I prefer manga (or manhwa) with a central romance; the subgenre doesn’t really matter as I’ve read things across the board. All I ask is that it was published in the last decade and doesn’t shy away from sexy times.

Anything older, I’ve probably already read!

All right, Bitchery, what d’ya got?

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