May Movie Selection: Gentleman Prefer Blondes (1953)

Our Smart Bitches Movie Matinee pick this month is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the classic featuring Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, and some seriously iconic song and dance numbers.

There’s a lot to examine in this film, too, especially if you’ve been listening to the You Must Remember This podcast series on “Dead Blondes.” The Marilyn Monroe section takes up three episodes, and they touch on this film briefly.

I’ve seen this movie once, a long time ago, and I’m really looking forward to watching it again. Here’s the plot synopsis:

Lorelei Lee (Marilyn Monroe) is a beautiful showgirl engaged to be married to the wealthy Gus Esmond (Tommy Noonan), much to the disapproval of Gus’ rich father, Esmond Sr., who thinks that Lorelei is just after his money. When Lorelei goes on a cruise accompanied only by her best friend, Dorothy Shaw (Jane Russell), Esmond Sr. hires Ernie Malone (Elliott Reid), a private detective, to follow her and report any questionable behavior that would disqualify her from the marriage.

Gentleman Prefer Blondes is available for streaming on Netflix and STARZ on Amazon. You can also find it for around $3-4 to rent and $10 to buy digitally on iTunes, Google:Play, and Amazon, and the DVD can be found at your local library, or cheaply online in new and used condition from Amazon or Alibris.

We’ll be discussing the film on Sunday, May 28th, and we hope you’ll join the conversation with us then!

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