HaBO: Cabin Countertop Sexy Times

This HaBO is from Elise, who remembered a few more details about her HaBO after corresponding with Sarah:

Elise: So here’s what I can remember about the romance in question:

– The heroine is full-figured.
– There is a great sex scene on the counter in a cabin (???).

Here’s what I think I can remember:

– It’s a second chance love story.
– It takes place at a former summer camp that the hero and heroine attended when they were younger.

Sarah: This is tugging at my memory now, too. Does she cover herself with whipped cream or something to try to seduce him, maybe?

Elise: The whipped cream sounds vaguely familiar, but it could just be my brain desperately trying to fill in the empty spaces.

After I emailed you I did remember that in the aforementioned counter scene the heroine ::ahem:: finishes rather quickly and its kind of embarrassed about it. I want to say the hero assures her it isn’t embarrassing, but I am not sure if that’s what actually happens or if it’s what I want to think he’d do, if you know what I mean? Wouldn’t be much of a hero if he didn’t but, again, my brain is super foggy on this one.

Anyone know this? Does the whipped cream scene fit?

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