Playing House by Ruby Lang

B Playing House by Ruby Lang August 12, 2019 · Carina Contemporary RomanceNovellaRomance The events of the last couple weeks have underscored how crucial and life-saving the romance genre is to me. It’s an escape, a safe haven in the storm, and a place where happily-ever-afters are always guaranteed. Romance has literally (and I don’t […]

¿Cuántos libros podrías leer si no usaras las redes sociales?

Una calculadora online puede hacer el cálculo. Podrías leer decenas de libros al año. Una de las grandes excusas que se usan para no leer es la del tiempo. Es normal. Vivimos en un mundo acelerado y es difícil sacar tiempo para ponerse a leer un libro. Bueno, reconozcámoslo: en realidad perdemos el tiempo, y […]

Paris, Historical Romance, & More

His Runaway Campfire Princess His Runaway Campfire Princess by Gwen Hayes is 99c at Amazon! This contemporary romance sounds adorable with a princess running off to Singles’ Week at a camp. Be warned that it’s on the shorter side and some of the book’s description makes me slightly wary (bring her to heel? really?). A Princess on the […]

‘So Huge a Phallic Triumph’: Why Apollo Had Little Appeal for Auden

When I asked W.H. Auden what he would like to hear Armstrong say, he replied at first with a mischievous chuckle: “I’ve never done this before!” adding, “What else should he say? It would be a true statement.” But when I went on to ask if he would not prefer something more elevating, perhaps about world […]

Discussion Question: What kind and caring things do you do for yourself?

It’s time for our monthly discussion question! This month, with so many new reviewers, we have quite a conversation. I’ve linked to the new reviewer bios, so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you! A head’s up: we talk about mental illness and coping mechanisms in this post. On […]

Kickass Women in History: Jackie Ormes

This month’s Kickass Women features Zelda Jackson (Jackie) Ormes, the first Black woman to be a professional cartoonist. Her cartoon strips discussed racism and sexism as well as fashion, dating, and family. Ormes was born in Pittsburgh in 1911. Her father died when she was six and she was raised by an aunt and uncle […]

Don’t Miss a Single Thing: Sign Up for the SBTB Daily!

Did you know that you can sign up for the SBTB Daily Digest – our once-a-day (hence: daily) newsletter that emails the newest content every day (see? daily!) around 12pm ET? It’s true! If you hate missing a book on sale deal, or want to see the latest weirdness or critical discussion we’re having here, sign […]

Staff Picks: Barbecues, Beyoncé, and the Bourgeoisie

Nancy Hale. Photo courtesy of the Nancy Hale Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College. Before picking up Where the Light Falls—a selection of Nancy Hale’s short stories forthcoming from Library of America this September—I had never heard of her. My ignorance, unfortunately, seems to be common. Despite being one of The New Yorker’s most prolific […]

La Guerra del Dictador Hugo Chavez: 2007

La Guerra Asimétrica del Dictador Hugo Chávez: Contra Comunicadores Sociales y Medios en el 2007   Eladio Rodulfo Gonzalez, Periodista Venezolano, publica una Investigación contentiva de varios tomos, donde recopila las Agresiones, Violaciones de Derechos Humanos y Asesinato de Comunicadores Sociales en el Ejercicio de su Profesión, por parte de los Gobiernos Dictatoriales de Hugo […]

Eve’s Toys: End the Summer with a Bang

This post is being sponsored by and they’ve offered us a coupon code for the Bitchery! Eve’s Toys is a sister company of Adam & Eve. Here’s their mission statement: was created so that women, lesbian couples, and gender queer individuals can feel comfortable, empowered, inspired and encouraged in a friendly, sex positive […]

Reminder! Rescheduled for August 6 at 8pm ET: Sarah and Heaving Bosoms on Vokl!

After a last-minute rescheduling, on Tuesday August 6 at 8pm ET, I’ll be interviewed on GetVokl’s Behind the Podcast, answering questions about podcasting and whatever else they ask me. I’m in the first half hour, and then host Adamo Barbieri will be interviewing Melody from Heaving Bosoms! This is going to be fun. Then there’s […]

The Utopian Promise of Adorno’s ‘Open Thinking,’ Fifty Years On

The culture industry of the late-capitalist era has metastasized to such a degree that even resistance is easily co-opted by the market and what passes for criticism circulates in forms pre-packaged for consumption. In an environment saturated in social media and ruled by the tweet, critical reflection can barely survive, and it should hardly surprise […]

Burning Down the House

I’m not the only writer to wonder whether books are still an appropriate medium to convey the frightening speed of environmental upheaval. But the environment is infinitely intricate, and mere articles—much less daily newsfeeds or Twitter—can barely scratch the surface of environmental issues, let alone explore the extent of their consequences. Ecology, after all, is […]

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

A The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai July 2, 2019 · Avon Contemporary RomanceRomance CW/TW: Abusive romantic and familial relationships. Rhi’s ex is seriously menacing in a few parts, so take care of yourselves! Alisha Rai is beloved here in the Pink Palace, so I approached The Right Swipe with some apprehension and excitement. What […]

Casablanca’s Gift to Marrakech and the Birth of Morocco’s Modern Art Movement

Fifty years ago, in the Atlas mountain city of Marrakech, a group of leading Moroccan artists hung their dazzlingly experimental abstract paintings in the Jemaa el-Fna, the great market square in the oasis city at the crossroads of Saharan trade routes. The small artists’ group behind it, the Casablanca Art School, whose influences ranged from […]