2017 Smart Bitches Gift Guide, Volume 6

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas, and we’re in the middle of Hanukkah, so let’s talk gifts that keep on giving, shall we? In case you’ve missed prior editions, in gift guides past we’ve covered This week, let’s talk subscriptions! Subscriptions can make a lovely gift, especially if you give something that will […]

Democracy and the Machinations of Mind Control

Private Collection/Look and Learn/Bridgeman Images At School in the Year 2000, circa 1910 The British are catching up with an American awareness of the intertwined political influence of the secretive super-rich, social media, and the Kremlin. In America, illicit support for Trump has been investigated by intelligence agencies, Justice Department officials, and major media organizations. […]

My Grandfather, the Dissident: Making Art in Communist Romania

A design sketch from Codrea’s production of Zamolxe. Forty-four years ago, in dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s Romania, my grandfather produced an opera that could have landed him on the wrong side of the Communists. When World War II ended, Romania emerged from the conflict under Soviet occupation. The Russian troops left in 1958, but Communism remained; […]

A Study of Kanai Mieko

Photo: Kuwabara Kineo. Kanai Mieko writes in several genres: poetry, fiction, and criticism—most notably on film and photography. We, who know no Japanese, will probably never read her criticism on film and photography, although this is what we most desire. Kanai Mieko is highly acclaimed in Japan. She has also been described as noncommittal, apolitical, […]

Movie Review: A Princess for Christmas

A Princess for Christmas by Janeen Damian & Michael Damian Mediapro Studios Princess for Christmas is a truly terrible Hallmark Channel Original Movie movie that nonetheless delighted me no end thanks to the efforts of actors that approach this material as earnestly as if someone was waiting backstage with an Oscar nomination for each of […]

The Rec League: Non-Inspirational Mail Order Brides

It’s time for another Rec League, where we gather the power of the Bitchery to help fulfill recommendation requests. This request comes from Jess: I have a serious problem though, and I hoping you and the fellow website readers can help me out. I love historical mail-order bride. I’m not exactly sure why, but I […]

Modigliani: Fevered Life, Pure Line

Private Collection/Tate Amedeo Modigliani: Nude, 1917 A single Modigliani portrait or nude is strikingly beautiful—the elongated face, the tilted head, the lithe pose. Yet when a host of them crowds together, as they do in a major retrospective currently at the Tate Modern, the initial impact is oddly diluted. Surrounded by portraits from his first […]

The Man from Red Vienna

Karl Polanyi: A Life on the Left by Gareth Dale Columbia University Press, 381 pp., $40.00; $27.00 (paper) Leo Popper, Karl Polanyi, and Michael Polanyi, circa 1908 What a splendid era this was going to be, with one remaining superpower spreading capitalism and liberal democracy around the world. Instead, democracy and capitalism seem increasingly incompatible. […]

The Tenuous Nonfiction of Clarice Lispector’s Crônicas

Clarice Lispector “I can feel the charlatan in me, haunting me,” Clarice Lispector wrote in one of the crônicas, or newspaper columns, she composed each week from 1967 to 1973 for the Jornal do Brasil. She was writing in Leme, a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro named for a vast rock that resembled the rudder […]

Dear Lynda: Loveless Triangles and Hopeless Indecision

Have a question for Lynda Barry? Email us. A self-portrait by Lynda Barry. Dear Lynda,  What’s the cure for hopeless indecision (from big life decisions to what to do on a Thursday evening to whether you should buy nail polish in that shade of Cabernet)? Possibilities are dizzying—sometimes a little too dizzying. Even when I make pro/con […]

¿Qué libro regalar en Navidad? Aquí tienes algunas ideas

Elies Guzmán el 13 de diciembre de 2017 en Opinión Te sugerimos algunas ideas para regalar libros en Navidad a tus allegados. Descubre qué puedes encontrar para todos los gustos y edades y adaptados a tu bolsillo. Navidad es una de las épocas del año donde el consumo se dispara gracias, sobre todo, a los […]

Grandes bibliotecas de la historia. El pabellón de Tianyi

Es la biblioteca más antigua de China todavía en pie. Fue un modelo para numerosos edificios oficiales. El caso del pabellón de Tianyi es realmente curioso. No estamos hablando de una biblioteca pública, o al menos impulsada por el estado, sino de una colección privada que creció hasta convertirse en un lugar de referencia. Su […]

Alice Zeniter, ganadora de la primera edición del premio Goncourt España

Alice Zeniter, ganadora de la primera edición del premio Goncourt España Es Noticia ABC Cultura Alice Zeniter, ganadora de la primera edición del premio Goncourt España – Wikipedia El jurado ha estado presidido por el escritor y académico Arturo Pérez Reverte EFE@abc_cultura 13/12/2017 16:20hActualizado:13/12/2017 17:50h Noticias relacionadas La novela «L’Art de perder», de la autora […]